We started our second Oliver trip on March 31, 2019, and will return by May 7.  Destinations include Lost Dutchman State Park, Catalina State Park and Picacho State Park in Arizona, and other southwestern parts unknown. An added treat will be the opportunity to visit Tom’s brother and sister-in-law in Apache Junction.  I hope you enjoy this journey. 

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4/30/2019 - Santa Rosa, NM to Foss Lake State Park, OK – 330 miles

It was misting rain when we left around 7:00 am, with fog.  Just east of Amarillo, TX, we saw piles of hail from a storm that passed through just before we got there.  It rained all he way to Foss Lake and the temperature never rose above 51.  It is pretty chilly as I write this at 5:20 pm, so we may have to crank up the gas furnace a bit.  Tomorrow night we have reservations at a US Army Corps of Engineers campground at Lake Dardanelle, Arkansas.  We have been there a couple of times before. 

4/29/2019 – Kirtland, NM to Santa Rosa, NM – 300 miles

We had a really bad storm last night, so the truck and Oliver were really ugly looking again.  On our way out of town, Tom just rinsed them both at the car wash and they were happy again. 

4/28/2019 – Kirtland, NM

Laundry day.  After laundry and lunch, we worked on our photos the rest of the afternoon.  Lunch was late, so we just snacked for dinner.  Tomorrow we start our long trip East.

4/27/2019 – Valley of the Gods, UT to Kirtland, NM – 120 miles

Tom jumped up early and was waiting for the Bryan, the hot air balloon pilot, when he came by.  He hopped in the
back of the pickup and took off.  I decided not to go into the valley, but stay where I was and take more photos from here.  He was gone until about 10.  He didn’t get to go up in the balloon because the first liftoff with 2 women got hung up in the higher air and had a hard time getting the flow they needed to land back in the valley.  After about 2 hours, Bryan was able to maneuver up and down and sideways and landed not far from his truck and crew.  Remember I said Tom didn’t go up. Well he became a part of the crew as did the guys who were with the 2 women.  Bryan said everyone pitches in and helps.  He had a great time helping with inflation of the balloon,  getting to back down to earth, holding the basket down, and deflating, folding and reloading the balloon.  So, I wish he had gone up, but happy  he  had a good time.  They had champagne as a common spot down in the valley.  Bryan invited us to the little town of Bluff just up the highway for tail gaiting and drinks, but Tom told him we really had to leave on Saturday because we had to wash our underwear.  The older gentlemen with Bryan said ‘out here we don’t care if you don’t were underwear’.  Valley of the Gods became our favorite stop in this adventure.  Tomorrow we start our trip home and will be in Kirtland, NM for 2 nights to do laundry (remember the underwear comment above)?  As a side note, just after we left Valley of the Gods, we saw more wild burros on top of a little hill right beside the road, which required Tom to pull over! 

4/26/2019 – Valley of the Gods, UT

I have a favorite word when something unexpected happens: fortuitous.  So, I will describe today as fortuitous (happening or produced by chance, accidental, lucky, fortunate). We noticed that the sun was rising and creating orange tinged clouds, so we just up and went out in our pajamas to take sunrise photos.  After about 30 minutes, we noticed a lot of dust coming from several miles back.  When it got closer, it was a caravan of 20 or so vehicles, mostly trucks with cargo vans, plus some SUV’s, etc. just a ‘gitting’ it down the road.  We originally got ticked off, but quickly realized the dust gave an added touch to our shots.  It looked like fog rolling into the valley.  When we finished shooting, we went back inside and made coffee and were having our first cup when I looked out my window and saw something weird in the valley below.  I told Tom that it looked like a hot air balloon being inflated.  We confirmed that with our binoculars.  We jumped up again, this time dressed and went outside with  our long lenses.  There were 6 or 7 hot air balloons rising in the valley as the sun hit the formation.  Such a beautiful sight.  We both got some pretty good shots.  As they began to come back out of the valley, I told Tom I was going to flag one of them down to see if there was going to be an event in the valley over the weekend.  We planned on leaving tomorrow.  The first guy out stopped – he had no choice as I was just about in the road.  After he stopped, Tom got up his courage to come up there with me.  We told them we had some pretty good photos we would give to them and the main guy was excited.  He said he would ‘take us up there’ if we were out by the road when he came by.  We eagerly agreed.  BUT I didn’t realize that he meant ‘UP’, as in the balloon in the sky!  We then drove up to Bluff to get a few things in the only convenience store.  When we got back, we noticed a man about ¼ mile down the road acting erratically.  He had a Prius and was along, no tent and no other people.  He would walk up to the edge of the bluff and back to his car.  Back and forth for at least 3 ½ hours, flinging his arms around and looking at his watch.  We feared he either had dementia or someone with him had gone hiking and hadn’t returned.  When it became close to sundown, Tom said he was going up the road to check on him and I told he ‘I wish you would.’  I was so worried, but you never know.  Well, here is the story.  Tom brought him back to our spot to try to make a phone call.  There was no service up the road.  I will refer to him a ‘M’.  He was waiting for his 2 sisters ‘D1’ and ‘D2’ who were meeting him with campers.  Well, when he finally reached ‘D1’ on Tom’s phone, she was extremely angry and said they thought he was dead or missing and had filed a police report.  ‘M’ tried to calm her down and asked if there was someone more rational that he could speak with.   He told her he was where he was supposed to be, but where were they.  ‘M’ said that his phone couldn’t get a signal, to which ‘D2’ replied ‘You need to get a better ‘f-ing’ phone and hung up.  He just looked at the phone, but stayed calm.  Anyway, he understood from ‘D2’ that ‘D1’ was in a campground close to us, so he hopped in the car to find her.  Later on, ‘D2’ arrived at their spot and Tom again went up there to fill them in on what had been going on.  ‘D2’ said she that ‘D1’ was not at the campground near us, but in Arizona!!!  Oh, well, they all reconnected on Saturday.  You had to be there to see the humor in all of this.  Tom and I are still laughing at the situation.  This may be their last annual event at Valley of the Gods.  Anyway, we just couldn’t do nothing, so we felt good about that.

4/25/2019 – Valley of the Gods, UT

6:00 am AGAIN!  We had a cup of coffee and Tom was looking through binoculars.  He saw the folks in a great  sign down the road from us was leaving.  So, as soon as they got out of sight, we jumped in the truck to check it out.  We moved in immediately – great view of the valley and we can even see Monument Valley from our front door.  He made breakfast this am – bacon and Eggbeaters omelet with cheese, turkey and jalapenos.  We sat around for a while and then hiked about .75 miles to a small canyon just down the desert.  Today we were able to download photos from a couple of days.  We may not have a cell signal until Saturday, when we move to Farmington, NM to a private campground with amenities.  I am going to make ‘cowboy’ cornbread – in an iron skillet over a fire (propane grill).  That’s as close as I can get.  Hope to see the Milky Way tonight.

4/24/2019 – Valley of the Gods, UT

We got up around 6:00 am (what’s new – no matter what time zone) and drove the remainder of the 17 miles on the Valley of the Gods Road (we are about 4 miles in at our campsite).  We are really glad we entered from the East because from about 5 miles in to the West entrance the road was like washboard in places, hidden hills and sloping.  We stopped at a pull-off with a trail and hiked about 1.5 miles down a wash.  It was so beautiful.  We ate lunch in a café in Mexican Hat, and it was just so-so.  Mexican Hat is nothing but a gas station, café and a couple of motels.  When we got back, we took a 2-hour nap.  Tom set up his camera for star trails around 9:00 pm and I cleaned the Oliver up a little.  Don’t know what adventure awaits is for tomorrow, but whatever it, we are ready and up for the challenge.

4/23/2019 – Homolovi Ruins State Park, AZ to Valley of the Gods, UT –230 miles

Today we head to Valley of the Gods in southern Utah and will be boondocking in the desert.  For those who don’t know about boondocking, it is where you have no ‘comforts of home’; i.e. water, electric, TV, no specific camp site – just pick out a place in the desert and enjoy.  So, I may not be able to update the blog for a few days.  We plan on staying there 2 to 3 nights.  I’ll be back online as soon as possible. 

4/22/2019 – Homolovi Ruins State Park, AZ

We drove up toward the Homolovi II ruin where we had seen the burros and hoped to get another glimpse.  They were barely visible they were so far away.  We will try again later.  We needed to go into Winslow to Wal Mart  and to stand on the famous ‘Standing on the corner in Winslow, AZ’ made famous by the Eagles’ song ‘Take It Easy’.  The storefront is actually not a real building, but a wall!  We took some photos on that corner and went across the street for breakfast in the coffee shop.  Now we can say we did it.  Coming back into the park, we again drove the ruins road, but saw nothing.  When we got back, Tom started working on greasing something on the Oliver.  He didn’t have all the tools he needed so he made a trip to the auto store.  After a day with no major wind, we got surprised when gusts began to play havoc with our awning. It had to be at least 30 mph or more.  It was all Tom and I could do to hold it down.  We were finally able to get it rolled in enough that it wouldn’t tear away. So much for a sunset – not tonight.  We ended up coming back inside.  We were just sitting around when someone rapped on our door.  The lady campground host came over and brought us a gift.  It was an acrylic painting on canvas that she had done.  It is so beautiful and was quite a pleasant surprise.  We chatted for a while and exchanged contact information.  The coincidence is she is from North Carolina, was raised in Pilot Mountain and went to Surry Community College and is a nurse (our 4 girls are nurses).  We meet some really neat and great people in our travels, and we will certainly remember Anni. 

4/21/2019 – Homolovi Ruins State Part, AZ

HAPPY EASTER!  We went out early this morning to visit one of the Homolovi Ruins.  There are 4 in this park,  but only 2 are open for visitors.  The other 2 are being worked by archaeologists.   We hiked to Homolovi II, which is the only one right now that has an exposed structure.  This park was established in 1993.  Prior to that, there was a tremendous amount of vandalism here.  People were digging holes all over the site look for and taking pottery, pottery shards, blocks, rocks, etc. and other artifacts that are still sacred to the Hopi.  The Hope are descendants of the ancient Puebloans who lived in this area in the 1300’s.  The Hope still consider this their homeland and were instrumental in making this site a state park so that it would be protected.  They still make pilgrimages here.  We hiked up a trail that lead to an overlook of the valley and saw evidence of the wild burros that inhabit this part of Arizona.  The burros were brought here by the Spanish in the 1690’s and were left when the Spanish left this area.  These burros are descendants of the Somolian burros from Africa.  This is evidenced by the leg stripes much like those on a zebra.  As we were leaving to back to the campground, we saw the burros, and they were close to the road, so we spent about 30-45 minutes shooting them.  We then went to the Little Painted Desert to see if sunset would be good.  We took late afternoon shots, but, alas, the sunset was just so-so.  Still amazing day!

4/20/2019 – Kartchner Caverns State Park, AZ to Homolovi Ruins State Park, AZ – 338 miles

We left around 8:15. This will be out longest driving day since April 5!  The drive was on scenic roads and absolutely beautiful.  We got to Homolovi around 4:00, checked in and intended to sit outside.  BUT, that danged wind ran us inside.  Gusts up to 30 mph!  We will venture out tomorrow.

4/19/2019 – Kartchner Caverns State Park, AZ

Today was another rest day.  Since we spent all day visiting yesterday, we just wanted to relax.  Great day!

4/18/2019 – Kartchner Caverns State Park, AZ

Last night, Tom called an old Navy buddy of 55 years who lives in Nogales, AZ.  Nogales is a border town about 50 miles from Kartchner Caverns.  They were free today, so we drove down to take Eddie and Miss Alyce to lunch.  We told them we would like a ‘real’ Mexican meal, so they had 2 recommendations.  We chose the café where the locals eat and we were not disappointed.  After lunch, Eddie wanted us to see the wall that divides Nogales between the US and Mexico – it runs right through town.  The wall has been strung with the concertina wall and is so ugly you couldn’t believe it.  Eddie said the immigrants just throw carpet over the call and the carpet over the barbed wire gives them a good foothold to climb over.  So much for how our taxpayer dollars are being spent.  We went back to Eddie and Alyce’s home and spent the afternoon.  Tom and Eddie had such a great time reminiscing the ‘good old days.’  We had a great day.  Don’t know what tomorrow holds, but whatever it is, we’ll make it fun

4/17/2019 – Catalina State Park, AZ to Kartchner Caverns State Park, AZ – 71 miles

We left Catalina around 11:46, since we didn’t have far to go and could not check in until 2:00 pm.  We got there just before 2 and looked around the Visitor Center awhile to kill time.  We were originally going to spend 2 nights  here, but were able to get a third night – just have to change sites – but that’s not a big deal.  After getting settled in, we decided to drive down to Tombstone (site of the OK corral gunfight), about 26 miles away.  We got there around 3:00.  The historic area is only about 4 blocks and is closed to traffic – walking only.  This area contains the Bird Cage Theater, Big Nose Kate’s (saloon) and the OK corral where the Earp Brothers took on the Clanton gang.  The saloon is open for drinks and meals, so we sat down for a bit and had a cold beer.  There really isn’t much to see in this town – the corral is closed in now and contains a stage for reenactments.  I think on Sunday they have a shootout on the main street.  The most interesting part was our visit to Boot Hill Cemetery just outside town.  This graveyard is where the Clantons are laid to rest, as well as murderers, people that were hanged, and some killed by the Indians.  Tombstone is the typical tourist trap and I wouldn’t go back.

4/16/2019 – Catalina State Park, AZ

Today is REST DAY, but first we have to do a few errands:  laundry, truck wash, hardware store, and Wal Mart. After the errands, we ran by Wal Mart and picked up a few groceries and 2 nice pork chops for lunch.  Tom grilled the chops, while I made a salad and heated beans.  Again, a most amazing lunch!  We took an afternoon nap, and I do mean afternoon.  All of this hiking has caught up with us and we slept from 3-7 pm.  We watched a GRIT movie – another old western.  Tom fell back to sleep around 9 and I lasted until 11.  Tomorrow is moving day.  We are going just down the road to Kartchner Caverns State Park, AZ, about 71 miles and we hope to visit Tombstone.

4/15/2019 – Catalina State Park, AZ

Today, we started our hike at 7:30 since it gets so hot later in the morning.  We took a ‘no-named’ trail that cut off the 50 Year Trail that we spotted on a satellite view of the area.  It wasn’t on the park map.  It was uphill all the  way to the top of the peak and we were walking across the canyon from the hike on Saturday.  We stopped all along the trail to take photos.  The yellow flowers were abundant and so beautiful.  The crisp clean air with the beautiful flowers made the hike more pleasant.  At 1 ½ miles, at the top, we turned around.  This trail actually is part of loop and goes around the canyon to the 50 Year Trail.  No way could we do the whole loop.  It is about 8 miles!  We took it easy on the return trip because there were lots of loose rocks.  I didn’t want Tom to fall again and he didn’t want me to fall this time.  We had another amazing breakfast:  bacon, Eggbeater omelet with diced turkey and shredded cheese, plus the remainder of the Sierra chicken from yesterday.  Our hike had made us extremely hungry!  We had planned on laundry today, but I decided to wait until tomorrow.  I am just too tired.  We will still go to Oracle, about 20 miles up the road, to get the oil changed in the truck.  Tomorrow, except for laundry, we think will be a rest day!

4/14/2019 – Catalina State Park, AZ

This morning we left around 7:30 for a hike in the canyon.  These trails are at the upper end of the park, so we
drove to the trailhead and the parking lots were almost full.  Seems like everyone out here that camps and hikes
has at least 2 dogs.  Funny to see them hiking while carry their little ‘froo froo’ dogs.  We hiked 2 trails for a total of 3.25 miles.  WHEW!  We didn’t see any photo ops, but the hike was nice and we enjoyed the outdoors.  It got into the 80’s today.  When we returned, Tom made an ice run and I started lunch:  iron skillet cornbread cooked on the propane grill, and Sierra chicken (grilled chicken, broccoli, covered in provolone cheese.  I cooked this in the toaster oven.  Surprisingly, the cornbread was very tasty.  I’ll have to make this again.  After lunch, we sat outside for a while and then surprise, surprise, we took a nap – it is habit forming.  Sunset tonight was beautiful, but we just didn’t feel like dragging out our cameras again.  So, we will leave that for another day. Tomorrow will be a busy day.  We are going to go back up 50 Year Trail early, then go into town to do laundry, return here for lunch, and then at 4:00 take the truck to Oracle, AZ (20 miles from here) for an oil change

4/13/2019 – Catalina State Park, AZ

We hike about 1.5 miles this morning, but the we couldn’t find a good spot for photos.  Seems like the poppies like just one specific elevation.  The only shot I got of a small poppy/lupine field I converted to ‘oil painting’ in Photoshop and it looks pretty decent.  Tom made his famous bacon and eggs on the propane grill and I made gravy and it was fabulous!   We took a very long nap.  Tom slept even longer.  I think his arm injury and the elevation have made him tired.  By the way, his arm is much better, thank goodness.  We thought we would not use the TV much that comes in the Oliver, but we were wrong.  We don’t have a satellite, but can get many over-the-air channels here in the desert.  One of our favorites is GRIT TV which shows old westerns from the 50’s and 60’s.

4/12/2019 – Picacho Peak State Park, AZ to Catalina State Park, Catalina, AZ – 37 miles)

We have a very short day today, so we waited until 11:30 to leave Picacho.  We will get there early, so will stop for a Wal Mart run on the way and we won’t have to go back to the town (Oro Valley).  When we got set up, we took a 2-mile hike up 50 Year Trail.  The trail is said to be named because the county leased the property for 50-years and currently has 35 years left.  Don’t know what happens after that.  Anyway, it is a beautiful trail with an incline up to the ridgeline.  There are lots of Saguaro cactus and yellow flowers in abundance.  We both got good shots there.  We spotted poppies along the bottom of the trail, so we will go back tomorrow and see if anything looks like a photo op.  The poppies are only open from 10am to 2 pm, so we will sleep in.  To us, that means 6:30 instead of 5:30!

4/11/2019 – Picacho Peak, State Park, AZ

No sunset last night!  It got cooler during the night with a low around 45 degrees.  Such a relief.  This morning we changed Tom’s dressing.  It looks horrible, but OK (not infected).  It’s going to take a long time to heal.  I just hope it doesn’t get infected.  We are being very careful to clean it when we change the dressing – gloves, alcohol, peroxide, and topped off with a large gauze pad with lots of Neosporin and/or antibiotic cream.  It is not as windy as yesterday, but we couldn’t cook outside.  I made a great omelet with Eggbeaters, little fried hot dog slices, and mozzarella cheese with a side of hash browns. We decided to lay around today.  Out here, you can only shoot early morning or late evening, the sun is so harsh, even on a cloudy day. We switched up our plans a little.  Instead of going to Joshua Tree National Park in California, we will stop for a couple of days at Katchener Caverns State Park, AZ, near Windslow.

April 10, 2019 – Picacho Peak State Park, AZ

We woke up early this am, drank 1 cup of coffee and then around 6:30 headed out for a short hike and photoopportunities.  We hiked up Sunset Trail a ways (1.2 miles).  It was short, but elevation gain and rock trails made it slow for us.  We took a few photos and then came back for breakfast.  We needed to run into Eloy (small town nearby) since we have run out of bottled water.  We chilled awhile, this time BESIDE the Oliver – less wind.  It is not so hot today, 74 degrees for a high.  We may try again this evening for sunset.  But, we will see.  We still have one more night here.

April 9, 2019 – Apache Junction, AZ to Picacho Peak State Park, Picacho, AZ – 87 miles

We left around 10:00 since we have such a short day.  The temperature reached 94 degrees and wind is extremely high and gusty.  When we got to the campground, we could only sit BEHIND the Oliver in a little sliver of sun to except the heat and wind.  We just hung around the campsite this evening.  The sunset was nothing much..

April 8, 2019 – Lost Dutchman State Park, Apache Junction, AZ

It got up to 94 degrees today – now that’s HOT!  We met Bud and Cora for lunch at Panera Bread – we won’t see them again for quite a while.  There ‘summer home’ is in Warren, PA and they don’t get to NC often, nor do we drive up to PA.  We got back around 2:30 and it was so hot we couldn’t even sit outside with the awning and sunscreen up – no breeze at all!  We turned on the overhead fan and got in a little nap.  After sunset, it cooled down a little and we sat outside and listened to Braves baseball on our XM radio.  We relocate tomorrow 70 miles SE to Picacho Peak for 3 days.  It should be a little cooler there.

April 7, 2019 – Lost Dutchman State Park, Apache Junction, AZ

 This morning started great.  We met Tom’s brother and sister-in-law (Bud and Cora, who winter in Apache Junction) for breakfast.  He gave us information on where the Salt River wild horse herd is located, so after breakfast we took a drive into the Tonto National Forest.  We hadn’t gone far when we saw them!!!  As many of you know, I love horses and am always anxious to see the wild herds in the American west.  Many people say these are 'feral' horses. The 'feral' supporters go back to the 1930's. Historical records and other documents dispel the 'feral' notion. In 1687, Eusebio Kino, a Jesuit missionary, journeyed throughout Arizona (then called Sonora) and built 6 missions. He left hundreds of horses and cattle with each mission. I choose to believe these beauties are those descendants. We must always protect this piece of the American West.   We had an early dinner of chicken fajitas and tossed salad.  The rest of the afternoon, we rested.  Tomorrow we will meet up with Bud and Cora again before we leave Apache Junction on Tuesday.

April 6, 2019 – Lost Dutchman State Park, Apache Junction, AZ

This morning highway back through the saguaros is closed for a bike race, so we will go to WalMart and then drive up the Apache Trail to see what’s up the mountain.  We saw plenty of cacti, but there were very few pull offs.  When we drove up the mountain, the traffic was sparse, BUT when we came back down, I think everyone in Apache Junction was driving up the mountain.  There is a little community in one of the valleys – Tortilla Flats – that has a gift shop, restaurant, and other tourist trap stuff.  I got one shot that turned out pretty good as a black and white – the light is so harsh out West.

April 5, 2019 – Holbrook, NM to Lost Dutchman State Park, Apache Junction, AZ – 177 miles

We had a very short day today, so lazed around a little and left around 9:45.  We took a scenic route that was recommended by a man we met at dinner last night.  The drive didn’t disappoint.  The elevations were between 6000 and 7000 feet and we show snow on the side of the highway.  There were signs for wild horses on this drive in Tonto National Forest, but we didn’t spy any.  Our campsite is without electric and water, but the view is amazing.  Superstition Mountain is right behind us and there are many Saguaro cacti on its slopes.

April 4, 2019 – Santa Rosa, NM to Holbrook, AZ – 346 miles

We slept in until 6:30 this morning – very unusual for us.  Our drive today was pleasant and temps hung around 60 degrees and it was a little overcast.  We took a detour on the way to Holbrook and drove through Petrified  Forest where we took a few photos of the petrified wood and the Painted Desert.  The Petrified Forest in Arizona contains remnants of a prehistoric forest.  As the trees died or were knocked down by wind or water, many were carried downstream and buried by layers of sediment.  The logs soaked up groundwater and silica from volcanic ash and over time crystalized into quartz.  The rainbow colors were created by different minerals in the wood.  When we got to Holbrook, we set up the Oliver and treated ourselves to dinner out – the best pizza ever.  We have a short day tomorrow on our drive to Lost Dutchman State Park, Apache Junction, AZ.

April 3, 2019 – Foss, OK to Santa Rosa, NM – 328 miles

Pulled out around 7:50, but a stop at Wal-Mart pushed our departure from Foss to 8:50.  We drove through Oklahoma to Texas panhandle, and then into New Mexico.  Texas has an abundance of windmill farms.  As far as the eye can see on both sides of the rode for most of the ride, there were groups of windmills running and others in the process of construction.  We had a little issue with the wind shield on our sunroof.  The wind is very strong and apparently one of the attachment devices either came out or was not installed.  This caused the wind to really flap around, causing it to hit the window on top.  So, we had good.  Tomorrow we head to Arizona.to open the sunroof until we got to the campground.  Tom had to remove the wind shield.  But, all is well.

April 2, 2019 – Old Post Road, TN to Foss Lake State Park, Foss, OK – 360 miles

Great day for a road trip. The temperature kept rising until we finally hit 71 degrees.  We got to the campground around 3:00 pm and rested a bit.  It is very, very windy here.  Gusts up to 30 mph.  Tomorrow will be out last sleepover before we get to Lost Dutchman State Park in Arizona.  Sure are hoping the poppies are still blooming!

April 1, 2019 – Montgomery Bell State Park, TN to Old Post Road Army Corps of Engineers, Russellville, TN -392 miles.

This morning we left around 8:00.  Again, it was pretty nippy, but the ‘bun’ warmers in the truck made us happy.  It reached 55 today.  We got to the campground around 3:00, fixed a very late lunch and relaxed.  We were able to get the Atlanta Braves baseball game in the evening.   

March 31, 2019 – Walkertown, NC to Montgomery Bell State Park, TN (Burns, TN) - 473 miles

The first day was very long, in fact, I think we broke the record.  We left home around 7:50 am and drove through some light snow west of Asheville and light rain.  It was cloudy all day.  We planned on stopping in Lebanon, TN a little east of Burns, but were not all that tired, so we trucked on.  At least, we have already tackled the horrific traffic in Nashville.  We HATE to drive in Nashville. We arrived at the campground around 4:30.

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