We­­ started our third Oliver trip on August 3, and will return by September 13.  Destinations include the Badlands in SD, and other unknown at this time. Travel along this journey with us. If you would like to follow our daily footsteps, visit this link (NO password needed):


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9/7/2019 – Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas to Eufaula Lake State Park, Checotah, OK – 401 miles

I have just today posted entries from 8/23 through 9/7 since we have been pretty much 'off the grid' until tofday.  Long day today and not any cooler than yesterday.  Top temps on the road 96 degrees.  In looking at the forecast for the rest of the trip, it is going to be high 90’s till we get home.  OUCH!  We got to Eufaula Lake State Park around 3:00 and were able to get a good camp site in the SHADE!  We will push on into Arkansas tomorrow, another 360 miles, hopefully.  We are anxious to get home.

9/6/2019 – Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas

This morning we took a drive along the loop road.  This canyon is so beautiful with so many red cliffs.  We then drove into Canyon/Amarillo for a few things and the temps hit 95 degrees.  I picked up a rotisserie chicken and potato salad at Wal Mart for lunch so we wouldn’t have to cook in this heat.  We intended to go out at sunset, but it was just too hot – probably 100 degrees or greater.  The canyon floor is usually 10 degrees warmer than Amarillo.  We stayed in all day.  Because of the heat, we are going to leave tomorrow, instead of Sunday.

9/5/2019 – Clayton Lake State Park, NM to Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Canyon, Texas – 173 miles

 We left around 9:30, stopped the wash the truck and within 30 minutes we crossed into Texas and the Central Time Zone.  The Texas Panhandle has numerous ranches, corn fields, oil fields, and some cotton. When we got to Palo Duro, we drove down the 10% steep road to the canyon floor.  We set up and sat outside for a while, but it was 95 degrees, so we caved and went into the A/C.  Our view is beautiful, with red cliffs behind us and no close neighbor in our front yard.  We will venture out tomorrow morning when it is cooler.  We will be here for 3 nights.


9/4/2019 – Clayton Lake State Park, NM

We did a little house cleaning today – bathroom for me and mopping the floors for Tom.  After lunch, we downloaded our shots from last night and were surprised that we had a few that were actually pretty good.  This afternoon we met new neighbors in a Casita.  A very nice couple from Texas.  Tom got set up for star trails and I will read my Kindle book.  Tomorrow, we leave for Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas. 

9/3/2019 –Clayton Lake State Park, NM

There is an area here with dinosaur tracks!  We drove to the trail and walked the ½ mile to the track site.  When the lake was created for the state Game and Wildlife Commission, an emergency spillway was created exposing soft sandstone.  In 1982, the lake overflowed into the spillway and removed the last few inches of sandstone, revealing the dinosaur tracks.  These tracks go back millions of years.  This area was part of an ocean extending from the Gulf of New Mexico to the Arctic.  Dinosaurs walked along the shoreline and sank into the sand leaving their footprints, which are protected today.  We then drove around and scoped out a spot around the lake for Milky Way and star trails.  We hope the skies cooperate.  Then we went  into town to pick up a few supplies, wash the truck and eat our 3rd restaurant meal since August 3!!!  Around 8:00 pm, we drove to our night shot spot which was a rocky outcropping at the lake.  Unfortunately, there were 2 trucks a little way down the lake side shining bright lights in our direction.  This really negatively impacted our opportunity, but we stayed there and both got a couple of good shots.

9/2/2019 – Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO to Clayton Lake State Park, Clayton, NM – 233 miles

As usual, we left around 9:00 and had a good drive through mountains, canyons and plains.  Not so many steep grades today.  Tom was relieved of that.  There are so many very large ranches in the plains.  We didn’t have a reservation for this state park, but got here around 1:00 and had our choice of 5.  There are only 9 electric sites here and we definitely needed one, since it got up to 95 degrees today.  We will stay here for 3 nights, then head to Amarillo, Texas, Palo Duro State Park.

9//1 – Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO

This is our last day here and I don’t have much to convey except for the forming of a thunderstorm over the dunes and mountains early in the evening.  It produced a beautiful rainbow and then a double rainbow.  We turned in early.  Definitely another lazy day.

8/31/2019 – Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO

We took another day off.  Seems like the longer we are on the road, the more lazy days we need.  LOL.  We do get up really early every day and yesterday was so busy, we decided to just stay in today.  I made another jar of pickled jalapeno and poblano peppers.  Then spaghetti for lunch.  The wid is still blowing hard so we only sat outside an hour or so.  Clouds are starting to form (it is 7:00 pm) so the sunset may be nice but we will skip it for tonight and hope for another sunrise tomorrow.

8/30/2019 – Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO

We work up very early, Tom and 3:30 and me at 4:30.  I made coffee and we decided we would drive into the park for sunrise.  So, at 5:30 we headed out.  There were only a couple of cars in the parking lot.  Then you have to walk about ¼ mile to the base of the dunes.  Then, you have to hike up into the dunes which is difficult due to the very soft sand.  The dunes were formed and keep forming from the blowing sand across the San Luis Valley collecting against the base of the  mountains.  We separated a little and found a spot to our own liking.  Tom spotted ‘cat’ tracks across the dunes where he was set up.  And as I hiked to my location, I followed the same tracks.  Luckily the tracks were going in the opposite direction or I would have high-tailed it back to the truck!  Sunrise was beautiful once the sun began to cast shadows across the dunes.  We were out there almost 2 hours.  When we returned, we made breakfast and then drove to town for laundry and another Wal Mart stop.  It got extremely windy again this afternoon, so we just stayed inside.  Don’t know what tomorrow holds.  We will just play it by ear.  We may take another rest day.

8/29/2019 – Rocky Mountain National Park to Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO – 264 miles

We saw so many copper and other mines across US 91 on our drive today.  Sad to see the mountains destroyed, but at least now they are trying to do a little reclamation so it doesn’t look  like such an eyesore.  The route was steep and curvy most of the way, with passes with elevations 9,000-12,000 feet.  Many switchbacks and grades of 6 to 8 percent.  Oliver performed excellently.  When we checked into the campground (Great Sand Dunes Oasis), we were able to extend our stay until Sunday.   Glad this worked out, because we didn’t know where we would be able to find a spot over Labor Day weekend.  We had an early dinner at the café here at the campground and had a wonderful Navajo taco.  This is only the 2nd time we have eaten out in a restaurant since we left home.  We went out to the dunes area for sunset.  Thought it was not magnificent, it still was amazing.

8/28/2019 – Rocky Mountains National Park

Tim is still a little light-headed, so we just hung around.  We did drive to Grand Lake for a gas fill-up and some incidentals and made breakfast when we returned.  Another Oliver owner had spotted us yesterday as they were driving by the campground and stopped by today for a visit.  Great to meet and visit with them for about an hour.  We worked on photos again this afternoon and early evening while listening to the Braves/Jays baseball game.  We are going to try to update Facebook if we have the same good signal as last night.  This WeBoost data booster coupled with the Verizon WIFI hotspot module have worked great.  Later we will pack up to leave tomorrow for Great Sand Dunes.

8/27/2019 – Rocky Mountains National Park

Today is a rest day.  We have been driving at least 6 hours a day for the last 5 days.  And, Tom is still feeling the altitude.  Late in the evening, after dinner, we were sitting outside and spotted elk  at the entrance to the campground.  We both grabbed our cameras and waited and, sure enough, they came in our direction and were right in our immediate area.  A great surprise.  This was the reason Tom wanted to stay in this campground.  He had heard the elk came there frequently on their way to the Colorado River for water.  Two nights ago, we were told they were here in the am licking the tents and licking the fire pits!

8/26/2019 – Rocky Mountains National Park

When I woke up this morning and made the coffee, I opened the shade and saw an elk walking down the road in front of our site!  Tom skipped coffee and jumped up, dressed and ran outside with his long lens and took photos until they meandered out of the campground.  They were all around!  We can see a little snow on the mountain to our west.  We drove up Trail Ridge Road, 34 miles of US 34 that goes from Grand Lake, CO to Estes Park, CO on the east side of the park.  The road is steep and curvy and the peak is 12,000+ feet.  Tom started suffering from the altitude, so when we got out, we just took it easy.  We drove all the way to Estes Park, driving through the tundra region, which at elevations of 11,400 fee and above.  I love the tundra, even though it is treeless.  We returned on Fall River Road, which is an 11-mile dirt one-way road.  We stopped for a picnic in a shady spot and ended the trip at the Trail Ridge Visitor Center on top of the mountain.

8/25/2019 – Dinosaur National Monument to Rocky Mountains National Park – 264 miles

We broke our record in leaving a campground.  Today, we got away at 7:00.  We really boogied down the road and only stopped 3 times.  That is a record too.  There were several steep  mountains the highest peak was Rabbit Ears Pass at over 9,000 feet.  We got to the campground about 1:00, drove around and found a good spot.  This is an older campground, but it has all we need.  We filled a 5-gallon container with water and left it on the picnic table to heat up to I could wash my hair.  When we got up from a short nap, I went outside to wash my hair and noticed a note under our water container.  OOP!  We got nabbed because you can’t leave ANYTHING out if you are not with it, not even water.  We are in bear territory.  So, we moved it into the bear storage lockage.  We are going to have to behave, so we don’t get kicked out.  They are very serious about leaving stuff out and fires.  Understandably so.  The elk come into this campground and the surrounding meadows just about every day.  So tomorrow we will watch for them.  Too tired today.  Although Tom is never too tired for night photography – that’s what he is doing now.  Me, I’m going to read.  Tomorrow we will probably drive up Trail Ridge Road with goes across the mountain to Estes Park, CO.

8/24/2019 – Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument includes one of the Earth’s richest known dinosaur fossil beds, with fossils from the Jurassic period 150 million years ago.  Dinosaur bones were entombed in the ancient river sediments after they died near a river’s edge during a severe drought.  Minerals saturated the bones casting them in stone.  Utah is extremely rich in dinosaur and other fossils.  There is a dinosaur quarry here in the monument and is open to the public who can see an entire wall of fossils and can even touch some of them.  We drove up to the visitor center, but decided to pass on the visit to the quarry as it was very busy that day.  So, instead, we explored the part and  drove to the petroglyph site.  The petroglyphs were carved by the Fremont people.  There are many carvings, but the most prominent is a 6-foot lizard carved about 15 feet up a cliff.  There is also a carving known as the ‘man with a flute’.  Further down the dirt road was an old settlement of a woman who moved to this area early 1900’s when we were in her 40’s after she divorced and her children were grown.  She built a ranch with a house, chicken coop, outhouse and had fruit trees, gardens and livestock.  She lived alone on this range until 1964.  Pretty impressive.  On our drive, we found a good spot for night photography and we weren’t disappointed.  The night skies were clear and the Milky Way was visible.  Tomorrow we will get up bright and early to move to a campground in Rocky Mountains National Park.  This particular campground does not take reservations, so we are praying we get in.  We have no backup plan!

8/23/2019 – Rock Springs, WY to Dinosaur National Monument, UT – 124 miles

We were routed by our Ford Sync GPS through Flaming Gorge eastern route, highway 191.  It was a beautiful day.  Although the drive was short, there were many very steep grades – 6-8% for 7 miles for example.  The Oliver was up to the task.  We got to Dinosaur National Monument campground and our site had an amazing view of the rock formations.  We will explore tomorrow. 

8/22/2019 – Rock Springs, WY

We woke up early, 4:30 am, drank a cup of couple cups of coffee and then took off for the White Mountains just behind us to search out the wild mustangs.  We were very lucky.  Although many  of them were too distant to photograph, when we turned around on the Wild Horse Loop and headed back toward our camper, there were a couple of groups close to the road and we both hopped out.  Success!  We then drove the 150-mile Flaming Gorge loop.  The drive was pleasant and when we got to where we could see the canyon walls against the Green River and the view was gorgeous.  We stopped at the Red Canyon Visitor Center on the rim, the walking paths led to magnificent vistas.  We also drove an inner loop named Sheep River Archaeological Area that had interpretive signs that explained the era of the rock canyons.  This was the most beautiful sight of the day.  We made another Wal Mart stop on the way home since  we will be somewhat remote for a few days.  Can’t get caught without enough food!  In the evening, we planned our next few days.  The itinerary is always flexible, but tomorrow night we will be in Dinosaur National Monument, a day in a private campground, then 4 days in Rocky Mountain National Park, followed by 3 days at Great Sand Dunes National Park.  Remember, nothing is in concrete for us!  Tomorrow will be a short drive – 127 miles.  Note the landscape posted here was taken on the way to Flamging Gorge.

8/21/2019 – Big Horn Mountains National Forest, WY to Rock Springs, WY -297 miles

We hate to leave this beautiful place, but we are trying to make a schedule that will give us a place to sleep on Labor Day weekend.  The folks out here love their environment and campgrounds get really full on weekends and especially Labor Day weekend.  We will stay at the KOA in Rock Springs tonight and tomorrow night.  When we left this morning, it was 49 degrees.  As we were driving on US 16, we saw a sheepherder, his horse and 2 sheep dogs.  He had just  driven hundreds of sheep across the road!  Wyoming is a big sugar beet producer and the fields go on forever.  We stopped at a pull off at Wind River Canyon overlook and had lunch while we were there.  Then we stopped at the Red Canyon overlook and the valley view was amazing.  When we got to Rock Springs, it was 90 degrees.  What a change from this morning.  Tomorrow, we are going to drive up into the White Mountains to maybe spot some of the wild mustangs and then drive down into Flaming Gorge to scope out a camping place for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

8/20/2019 – Big Horns

There was a beautiful sunrise this morning.  Tom jumped up and ran outside with his camera.  The sun turned the mountains a golden color.  We took a ride down County Road 3 that we are camped near.  The ranches sit in rolling hills.  After we returned to camp, a storm started brewing with thunder, lightning and HAIL.  Some were mothball size and it lasted over 30 minutes.  We talked it over and will leave this place tomorrow and move on to Rock Springs, WY.. 

8/19/2019 – Big Horns

 We got up around 5:00, as usual and drank a whole pot of coffee before we made breakfast.  We drove around for about an hour or so, spotted a dump station for when we leave.  Also, we can fill up our water jug to make sure we don’t run out.  It got really windy again today but we sat outside for awhile looking at the puffy white clouds and, like we did as kids, pointed out a buzzard, seahorse, frog head, etc.  The view here is just so amazing.  Another amazing sunset tonight.  Wondrous!

8/18/2019 – Buffalo, WY to Big Horn Mountains National Forest, WY – 30 miles

We drove to the spot we picked yesterday, but looked around to see if we found anything better – and we did.  It was in a good position to get sun for our solar panels and had an amazing view of the Big Horn Mountains.  We had only one neighbor close by, but we couldn’t even see them nor hear them.  We were backed up along the edge of a pine forest.  We rested for awhile and after dinner, I made stovetop cornbread – YUK!  It wasn’t good at all but I am not giving up – I’ll get it  right one day.  We noticed that the clouds should make a good sunset, so set up and waited.  Not disappointed.  Tom wanted to shoot star trails, but it was too cloudy.  It got much cooler after the sun went down.  The elevation here is 8,080 feet.  Because we were going to be off the grid for a few days, I set the InReach (our tracking device) to accept text message in case one of our girls had an emergency.  They can look at the Tracking Page on internet and see where we are at any point in time.  By the way, there is a lot of 'open range' (farmers can graze their cattle on public land) in Wyoming.

8/17/2019 – Buffalo, WY

 This morning we drove up through the Big Horn Mountains looking for some BLM land (free camping) that we could move to tomorrow for 4 days.  I packed up a picnic lunch so we wouldn’t eat snack crackers all day!  It was very windy and cool and the elevation topped 9,000 feet.  We stopped at potential spot and ate our sandwiches sitting on a  couple of tree logs.  We picked out 2 Forest Roads that had good places.  They are remote, but not far off Highway 16 and there are other campers nearby.  On our way back, we made several stops:  IGA for a few provisions, Crazy Woman Liquors for wine (by the way, Tom is always calling me ‘crazy woman’) , topped off the gas and then returned to camp.  I did laundry again and we just ate a sandwich for dinner.  Tomorrow we head up the Big Horns.

8/16/2019 – Wind Cave National Park, SD to Buffalo, WY – 204 miles

We decided to stay in the KOA at Buffalo, WY for a couple of nights due to weekends being difficult to find a place in the national parks.  This is such a popular area for campers.   We hit the  road at 8:30 and when we were close enough to see the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming, we saw that they were snow-capped.  We got in around 2, showered and rested up and then went into town to the Occidental Hotel and Saloon.  The Occidental Hotel  was founded in 1880 and quickly became one of the most renowned hotels in Wyoming. Located near the Bozeman Trail at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains, the hotel was visited by many famous people of the Old West as they traveled along the Trail. Early in its existence, the Occidental established a reputation for hospitality and fine food.  Among those who enjoyed the hospitality of the Occidental in the early days were Buffalo Bill Cody, Teddy Roosevelt   --- and Calamity Jane, who drove freight wagons on the Bozeman Trail.  The Saloon was added later.  Buffalo is the home of Craig Johnson, author of the Longmire books and Netflix series.  Although the series isn’t filmed in Buffalo, the cast comes to town every July to celebrate Longmire Days.  Robert Taylor, the star of the series, has been known to tend bar at the Occidental Saloon.  There is a storefront the depicts the Sheriff’s Office.          

8/15/2019 – Wind Cave National Park

We just piddled around this morning.  He downloaded some pics and we are going to drive up the hill where the signal is better to upload to the Oliver FB page.  We can use our WeBoost for text and calls.  But sometimes, we can’t get enough over the MyFi to upload pics or documents.  I made an omelet this morning in the Oliver since it is pretty windy outside.  Like I said yesterday, today is a rest day!

8/14/2019 – Wind Cave National Park

We woke up around 5 and agreed that it was COLD!  We had crawled under our extra warm blankets I had brought.  I would guess it was in the low 50’s.  After a hot cup of coffee and the sun began to shine on the Oliver.  We drove into Hot Springs to the ACE hardware store because the Lowes in Rapid City didn’t have what Tom needed.  When we got back, we had a great brunch of salmon cakes and Tom’s amazing scrambled eggs.  He talked with Jason at Oliver several times and he was amazing.  We had a great brunch of salmon cakes and Tom’s amazing scrambled eggs.  He went back to plumbing and I stayed busy washing Oliver’s windows and cleaning the bathroom really good.  Tom worked on a water leak all day.  While he drove back to the hardware store, I made some pickled jalapeno and poblano peppers.  Just a little while after he got the leak repaired, we saw the moon start to rise so he jumped up and got his camera with long lens.  We spotted a steak house in town that we may visit either tonight or tomorrow.

8/13/2019 – Interior, SD to Wind Cave National Park, Hot Springs, SD – 170 miles

We left around 9 and will make stops in Rapid City , , to WalMart (food), Scheels Sporting Goods (Yeti plus that we broke) and Lowes Home Improvement (part of minor repair).  The drive to Wind Cave was good, with just a few showers.  We got here around 3 and got a pretty good spot.  You cannot make reservations – all sites are first come-first served.  We were surprised we can make call and text with our WeBoost data booster.  We have even had enough signal to use our Verizon Jetpack hotspot occasionally – if the wind isn’t blowing and we cross our fingers.  Hot Springs is a lovely little town and was a mecca back in the day due to the many hotels with natural hot springs spas.  We have a cheap ‘hotel’ tonight.  With our senior pass to National Parks, we get camping for half price.  Here it is $9/night.  Not too bad and the campground sits in a valley of pine and greenery.  We are ‘boondocking’ for the first time this trip.  No electric or water hooks, but we are good.  We have water onboard and solar for power.

8/12/2019 – Interior, SD

Today we drove about 70 miles to the Wounded Knee Massacre site.  What a sad day in America’s history.  Around 200 Oglala Lakota Sioux were killed in a 5-mile area in the valley around what is now Wounded Knee, SD.

They are buried in a mass grave on a hill overlooking the massacre site.  We drove back through what was a town named Scenic, SD.  There are few old buildings remaining:  A Saloon named ‘The Longhorn Saloon’ (built in 1906), a jail and a mercantile.  This is a popular stop for motorcyclists and motorists, although the only open establishment is a service station/café across the street.   We have been bombarded with mosquitos our entire stay in Interior due to all the unusual rain they have had.  They were so bad, I had to fight off mosquitos in the shower which as full of the little buggers!

8/11/2019 – Interior, SD

The forecast for today was for severe thunderstorms, so we didn’t plan on leaving the Oliver early.  But, when we got up the sun was trying to peep through.  So, again, we made a quick to-go cup of coffee and headed into the park around 6:13 am.  The sky was beautiful with the clouds against the rock formations.  We drove around for about 3 hours, made a couple of phone calls, and then came back ‘home’.  After brunch, we downloaded our photos from this morning.  The lighting was so much better and we both got some pretty good shots.  We may go back late this afternoon if it doesn’t storm.

8/10/2019 – Interior, SD

This morning we work up around 4:45 am and jumped up, made a quick cup of coffee to go, and hit the road for sunrise.  It had rained last night and was a little foggy.  So, we didn’t see a sunrise, but the fog made interesting views.  Today, we saw a lot of big horn sheep and buffalo.  We spent another 6 hours just driving around and stopping at interesting spots.  We may go back for sunset, but not sure.

8/9/2019 – Interior, SD

We intended to get up early for sunrise in the Badlands, but just couldn’t crawl out in time.  We left here around 8 and drove into the Badlands for about 6 hours.  We drove to the other side of the park where we had seen sunflower fields several years ago, but no luck.  We took some landscape shots and hoped we would see buffalo and big horn sheep.  No buffalo, but we did spot  one big horn ram.  He was lying in the grass on a bluff. There is a lot of green in the Badlands, I guess due to a rainy spring.  It has rained both days we have been here so far.  When we were here a couple of times before, everything was dried up and brown.  Beautiful this trip.  Especially the ‘yellow mounds’.  When the black hills were formed in South Dakota the ancient sea drained away. Once exposed to air, the black ocean mud was weathered into a yellow soil known as the yellow mounds. Tropical plants began to grow. The yellow mounds are actually fossil soils that have weathered from the layers above them. The upper layers are comprised of fossil soils and volcanic ashes.  Today many fossils are found in the yellow mounds. 

8/8/2019 – Sioux Falls, SD to Interior, SD – 293 miles - Badlands/White Rover KOA

We left around 9:30 after our first Wal Mart stop of the trip!   We saw a couple of sunflower fields on the way, so we are hopeful we will see some of them around the Badlands.  We saw them there a couple of years ago, but with the crop rotation, it is a tossup.  We got in around 2:00, set up, rested a bit and I made spaghetti for dinner.

8/7/2019 – Clarks Ferry Recreation Area, Iowa – Sioux Falls, SD – 427 miles - Big Sioux Recreation Area

We left early this morning since we have a long day.  Again, we saw soybean field, corn fields and wind farms.   We drove into Minnesota from Iowa and then on to South Dakota.

8/6/2019 – Clarks Ferry Recreation Area

Today is a rest day.  We awoke to a tugboat pushing a barge up the river.  There were several today.  We love to just sit and watch them.  Tom had to go get ice for the cooler and when he returned, we had lunch.  Great bacon, eggs and hash browns.  This afternoon I worked on this blog and we downloaded a few pics we had taken.  These 2 were shot yesterday from my window going about 60 mph.  Surprised they look decent.  Anyway, we will rest for today and head to parts unknown tomorrow.  On Thursday we will be in the Badlands, SD. 






8/5/2019 – Crawfordsville, IN – Clarks Ferry Recreation Area (US Corps of Engineers) – 274 miles

Clarks Ferry Campground #10

We left this morning just after 9 EDT (8 CDT) and had a beautiful drive through cornfield, soybean fields and solar farms.  We got in around 3:15 enjoyed the beautiful view along the bank of the Mississippi.  We have stayed in this site before and were so happy we could get it again.  It backs right up to the River, where barges are moving products up and down the river.  Our 2nd prepared dinner was turkey kielbasa soup.  Hit the spot. 

8/4/2019 – Huntington, WV – Crawfordsville, IN – 327 miles    

Crawfordsville KOA #43

We always sleep so well in the Oliver.  This morning we had the best coffee – Oliver coffee, for some reason, tastes so much better than at home.  The, on the road again at 9:25. Today we traveled the rough WV, OH, KY, OH and back into IN o US 64, 52, and 23.  Boy did I get confused as to where we were at any point in time.  We will be in Indiana until tomorrow.

8/3/2019 – Walkertown, NC – Huntington, WV - 253 miles

Foxfire KOA #77

We left home around 11:25 after I went to the hospital to see my sister, Sandra, who has dementia.  It rained on us in the morning, but otherwise, the trip was uneventful.  We got to the campground around 4:00.  I had frozen several meals for our trip out and tonight we had ground turkey tacos.  YUMMY!  We were able to get our favorite travel channel – GRIT TV (old westerns).  We turned in around 9:30.

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